Sexart – Mutual Masturbation – Alexis Crystal

Sexart – Mutual Masturbation – Alexis Crystal
Stunning Alexis Crystal puts on sexy black lingerie, stockings and garters, at the beginning of Alis Locanta’s steamy erotic movie “Mutual Masturbation.” Alexis stands with her back to Juan Lucho, a hand down her lacy panties stoking her pussy, as he rubs his rapidly stiffening cock through his pants. She lies on the couch beside him, making intense eye contact as she turns herself on with her pussy play. He tugs her panties aside so he can see as she plunges two fingers inside her wet slit. He soon takes over, strumming her clit as she unzips his pants and jerks his thick cock. Alexis straddles Juan, guiding his dick inside her slick pussy and bucking up and down on it as he grips her perfect ass to set the pace. She feeds one of her breasts into his mouth, at the very instant that he takes the reins and slams her on and off his cock frenziedly, making her howl with pleasure as an orgasm blasts through her beautiful body. It’s the first of many orgasms as they switch between cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and spoons, stopping only for Juan to eat her pussy and ass, his lapping tongue giving her an even more intense climax than his cock did. Now the insatiable darling slips Juan’s cock between her lips, jacking the shaft furiously as she sucks hard on its bulbous head, then deepthroating it to the point of gagging. As Juan’s groans indicate he’s close to blowing his load, Alexis uses her slippery fist to finish him off, sending hot cum splattering over his tattooed torso. Shot in a raw, documentary style, “Mutual Masturbation” lets you feel this horny couple’s uninhibited sexual chemistry.

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