SweetSinner – Lacy Lennon – Sibling Seductions 4 Scene 4

SweetSinner – Lacy Lennon – Sibling Seductions 4 Scene 4
Tyler discovers that his new step sister Lacy has been making a documentary about step siblings who start dating. When he confronts her, she claims it was just because she found the topic interesting. They both know the truth is more complex than that. She was so fascinated by these stories of sibling seduction because she had such a strong connection to her own step brother. He feels it too and insists that they at least kiss to satisfy their curiosity. The kiss is not enough. It only makes them want more. They rip off each other’s clothes. He fingers her pussy while she holds onto his cock like she will never let go. From the moment the tip of his cock enters her soaking pussy, they know there’s no going back. They fuck each other with abandon, not caring how loud they are or if their parents walk in and discover them. He pounds her over and over as she grips his ass to pull him deeper. He makes her to cum over and over on his cock, her pussy juice dripping down his balls. He tries to hold out as long as possible because he doesn’t want to stop but her pussy is too good to keep from cumming all over her soft, smooth body.

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