Hentaied – Samurai Sisters – Kimmy Kimm

Hentaied – Samurai Sisters – Kimmy Kimm
Kimmy Kimm’s sister has been infected with a curse so they are on a quest to find an antidote. However, their journey is not easy and they have to fight through an army of ninjas to get there. When they make it, Kimmy has to make a tough decision… Will she please the two demonic Samurai to get the cure or lose the chance of her sister’s recovery? She loves her sister more than anything so she makes a deal with the demons. Now, she has to suck their tentacle dick, and ride them until she is covered in their slimy cum! In the end, Kimmy starts enjoying getting fucked by the two monsters, and by the time they all reach orgasm, she is moaning in intense pleasure!


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